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How to eliminate blind spots in reversing? Intelligent Safe Driving System provides a comprehensive solution!
How to eliminate blind spots in reversing? Intelligent Safe Driving System provides a comprehensive solution!
"It’s easier to drive than to reverse". If you are not careful, you will scratch the car body, which needs another maintenance fee. This kind of situation will be encountered by both novice drivers and veteran drivers, because there will always be "blind spots" when reversing. On the contrary, if you can have a panoramic view of the surrounding environment when reversing it will be much easier. How to achieve this? In fact, it is not difficult. You only needs a 360°Panoramic Driving Recorder.

BOCHI 360° Panoramic Driving Recorder is no longer a new thing in the market. The products have been updated several times. For example, the recently launched BOCHI 4G 360° Panoramic Driving Recorder has become a hot product in the current automobile industry because it can not only observe the surrounding panorama in all directions, but also remotely monitor vehicles, assist in driving, avoid blind areas of vision, and reverse safety has become a popular product in the automobile industry.

How does the 360°Panoramic Driving Recorder eliminate blind spots in the field of vision and help drivers reverse easily?

Seamless splicing technology, 360° panoramic top view
By installing four cameras around the car, a camera system is formed. After the installation and debugging are completed, the vehicle will boot up, and the 360° Panoramic Driving Recorder will automatically boot up. The four cameras can collect images around the vehicle body at the same time. After being processed by a series of intelligent algorithms of the super-performance image processing unit, a 360° panoramic HD bird’s eye view will be seamlessly spliced, which will be displayed on the screen in real time.

Through the bird’s eye view displayed on the screen, the vehicle owner can intuitively check the position of the vehicle and the environmental conditions around the vehicle body, completely eliminating blind spots in the field of vision, thus ensuring that when reversing the vehicle, there will be no scratches caused by blind vision.

Low-light night vision, clearer night image
360° panoramic HD image is only the basic function of BOCHI. On top of this, taking "4G 360° Panoramic Driving Recorder" as an example, BOCHI has continuously improved its products through continuous technological upgrading. In addition, it has upgraded the standard "starlight night vision" to "low-light night vision".

Low-light refers to the light existing at night but the human eye cannot or is not easy to see, such as the extremely weak starlight, airglow, etc. Through low-light night vision technology and related equipment, these low-light are turned into visible light images that are easy for human eyes to see,whose brightness have been enhanced . Compared with starlight night vision, it has higher quality and higher definition.

With the support of this function, even if the brightness is not enough at night, it can still "exert great power", clearly see the situation around the car body, and cover the day and night with "reversing without blind spots".

Accurate parking, intelligent reversing track lines display
The powerful role of Intelligent Safe Driving System in assisting reversing is far more than providing 360° panoramic bird’s eye view and low-light night vision, it starts from the actual needs of consumers, by installing a track box, intelligent reversing track lines, including forward track lines and reversing track lines, can also be displayed.

For example, in the situation of turning, reversing parking, meeting on narrow roads and other situations, these track lines will rotate with the steering wheel, thus assistant the driver to park and reverse accurately.

The blind spots make reversing a difficult thing, so scratch seems quite common. However, by installing a 360° Panoramic Driving Recorder, blind spots can be perfectly eliminated and easy reversing can be realized!
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