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Full-time 360 ° Panoramic Monitoring Image System - Bochi
Full-time 360 ° Panoramic Monitoring Image System - Bochi

Nowadays, driving recorder has become a necessity for driving. However, with the rapid development of society, it has entered the E-era, and the traditional tachograph can no longer meet the requirements. Let’s take a look at the Black Technology- Intelligent Safe Driving 360 Panoramic Driving Recorder.

There are not only veteran drivers but also novice and women drivers in life. Veteran drivers with good driving and parking technology rely on experience, so novice and women drivers can also become veteran drivers by using 360° panoramic system. The four-channel HD wide-angle 360° Full-time Panoramic Monitoring Image System of Intelligent Safe Driving Systems is equipped with four-channel 150-180 wide-angle cameras with up to 1080p pixels, which can realize HD display recording of blind spots. It makes it easier and safer for you to drive in complicated traffic conditions, and effectively solves driving problems.

Does 360° panorama only make driving safer and easier? If you think so, you completely underestimate the wisdom of driving 360° panorama. If life is a movie, how can we miss the section of driving? Imagine when driving by the sea, we can see the warm sunrise passing through the breeze and wave, or when driving in the rain, we encounter lightning across the sky, or quickly pass through the spray splashed by accumulated water, or we can enjoy the lonely dusk on the Gobi Desert. All these beautiful scenes will be clearly recorded by the 360° Full-time Panoramic Monitoring Image System of Intelligent Driving System. The riding sun, flowers, splashes, lightning and dusk are edited to a HD blockbuster.

HD Cycle Recording
1080P high-resolution file recording is used to record perfect video images.
Video files are saved in segments, which supports cycle recording and ensures the continuity of recording.

Final remind: Safety comes first. Drive carefully, loving yourself is loving your family.

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